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Make Your Silver Shine Again - Some Useful Hacks from Mrs Hughes

Wе all know that cleaning metal items can be a bit tricky exercise. But with the right advices and tips, it can become quite easy.

As usual Mrs. Hughes – the housekeeping services for West and Central London, has prepared nice pictures, detailed explanations and tips!

Our post today is about the silver. 2016 is intercalary, no matter its end is near, and the white metal is highly appreciated.
Below you will see some useful hacks that the team of Mrs Hughes - your maid service for West and Central London, uses to clean and polish the silver items so that they can shine again.
  1. Before you start selecting products and cleaning techniques is good to get а few very important things for cleaning delicate items – a special silver polishing cloth, the same one for silver jewelry and pair of white cotton gloves. Some polishing products are bundle with a cloth.
  2. . As you know we support any eco friendly materials and products and technics and using less chemicals when it is possible. For silver cutlery we recommend to be cleaned without any chemicals. In our experience we have used different ways and all of them are very satisfied –

  • Тoothpaste – apply a little amount on a cloth and rub in one direction. The paste must be not with abrasive particles because they can scratch the item.
  • Bicarbonate of soda – put the silver jewelry or cutlery in a boiling water with bicarbonate of soda for a few minutes.
  • Warm vinegar – Drench a cotton cloth with warm vinegar and scrub. This technique is a bit more intensive, especially if the cutlery is very darkened.
  • Woolen cloth – This is the most ecological and safe technique but it requires a bit more diligence.
    We polished the cutlery on the photos with warm vinegar and cotton cloth, then washed with warm soapy water and wiped with soft cotton cloth.And let it be SHINE!
    Do not forget to book us, if you still want to enjoy your lazy weekends!

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