понеделник, 28 ноември 2016 г.

Professional Home Cleaning Services - Why Choose a Reliable Partner?

Home cleaning services become more and more popular among people. One reason about the growing demand is that cleaning requires lots of time and efforts, and people who are busy prefer to use professional home cleaning services. Considering the fact that most people have quite stressful and anxious lifestyles, they don’t need additional problems at home, so they find it easier to have a cleaning company take care of their place.

However, professional home cleaning services have other benefits, too. First of all, cleaning companies will leave your house sparkling clean – something you can’t achieve no matter how hard you try. Home cleaning companies use professional cleaning agents and materials which are very powerful. 

In addition, home cleaning companies that have long experience in this field know how to deal with all types of cleaning in the shortest time and in the best way. The expert cleaners can manage with various problems and can quickly solve them all.

Another great benefit of professional home cleaning London companies is that they use special tools and equipment which facilitate the cleaning process and provides best possible results. Combined with the experienced cleaners and the special cleaning materials, professional cleaning services prove to be superb.

Even though home cleaning services become really popular, there are still people who don’t want to use them because they are skeptical about letting other people enter their home and touch their things. There is nothing to worry about because the cleaners work very careful to avoid any breakages and damages. 

Once you try professional home cleaning you will see that such services are very beneficial. They not only make your home spotless and save you time and efforts, but they also allow you to spend more precious moments with your beloved ones.

So, if you are sure that you need more time for you and your family, do not hesitate to contact Mrs Hughes - your home cleaning company for West and Central London

неделя, 30 октомври 2016 г.

Move Out Cleaning - How to Make Your Place Spotless When Moving Out

Moving out of your old apartment? Follow these simple cleaning hacks to lower the chance of losing security deposits and to leave the place spotless.

One of the very first and most important tips when moving out is to follow a cleaning checklist. This is to make sure that nothing will be forgotten. Having a checklist will also significantly increase productivity by helping one finish the tasks in the most organized and logical manner. From the floors to the walls, every inch of the space should be included in the list. Having a list will also help you in planning what needs to be done first and what could be done last.

We have a solution for every problem! Mrs. Hughes has strong established partnerships with various companies, specialists in the house maintaining – electricity, plumbing, gas; repairs – constructions, handyman, painting; gardening, etc. We guarantee all companies are legitimate, with years of experience andsolidreputation. You will get high quality services at reasonable prices.

Mrs Hughes - your move out cleaning service for West and Central London, also provided some simple hacks to ensure that you will get your security deposit back. First is to buff all the scuff marks on the floor. Another is to get rid of mildew or mold on grout. It is important to do this frequently so that they will not accumulate and cause damage to the property. There are several maintenance services which can be hired for the task.

Another is to repair the holes in the wall. This should be done especially when you mounted a flat screen television on the wall. It is best to address these issues before the landlord or the landlady notice them once you move out.

For those who have children, also make sure that the walls don't have crayon or pen marks. The simplest trick to get rid of these marks is by gently rubbing the area with toothpaste.

If the apartment comes with kitchen appliances, make sure that everything is spotless clean, and get rid of the grease or burnt food which can be found in them. A simple mixture of baking soda and water can do the trick; spray white vinegar for those hardened areas. Do not also forget to wipe off spills or food debris from the refrigerator.

When you need premium move out cleaning services for West and Central London - Contact Us and Book Your Appointment now!

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Make Your Silver Shine Again - Some Useful Hacks from Mrs Hughes

Wе all know that cleaning metal items can be a bit tricky exercise. But with the right advices and tips, it can become quite easy.

As usual Mrs. Hughes – the housekeeping services for West and Central London, has prepared nice pictures, detailed explanations and tips!

Our post today is about the silver. 2016 is intercalary, no matter its end is near, and the white metal is highly appreciated.
Below you will see some useful hacks that the team of Mrs Hughes - your maid service for West and Central London, uses to clean and polish the silver items so that they can shine again.
  1. Before you start selecting products and cleaning techniques is good to get а few very important things for cleaning delicate items – a special silver polishing cloth, the same one for silver jewelry and pair of white cotton gloves. Some polishing products are bundle with a cloth.
  2. . As you know we support any eco friendly materials and products and technics and using less chemicals when it is possible. For silver cutlery we recommend to be cleaned without any chemicals. In our experience we have used different ways and all of them are very satisfied –

  • Тoothpaste – apply a little amount on a cloth and rub in one direction. The paste must be not with abrasive particles because they can scratch the item.
  • Bicarbonate of soda – put the silver jewelry or cutlery in a boiling water with bicarbonate of soda for a few minutes.
  • Warm vinegar – Drench a cotton cloth with warm vinegar and scrub. This technique is a bit more intensive, especially if the cutlery is very darkened.
  • Woolen cloth – This is the most ecological and safe technique but it requires a bit more diligence.
    We polished the cutlery on the photos with warm vinegar and cotton cloth, then washed with warm soapy water and wiped with soft cotton cloth.And let it be SHINE!
    Do not forget to book us, if you still want to enjoy your lazy weekends!